The introduction of eHealth applications as well as of the Biomedical and Health Informatics (BMHI) discipline into the health care domain requires high quality educated and trained health care professionals in the field. Education is considered as the most appropriate tool to improve greatly the acceptance attitudes and behaviour of the professionals working in the health care environment towards eHealth applications. EFMI is well aware of the importance of Education and in its history the working group on education was the first working group to be established. Since education has an international value and there are no borders in its objectives, the working group seeks to achieve International cooperation in its main objectives which they may be summarised as follows: information on existing programs and curricula in the field, dissemination of experiences in implementing educational programs, evaluation, and assisting of programs, and finally promoting certification of users in BMHI knowledge and skills.

Main Objectives

  • to disseminate and exchange information on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BMHI) programs and courses
  • to exchange experiences of how BMHI is taught and to improve the implementation
  • to utilize the developed by AC2 database on programs in BMHI education
  • to┬ádisseminate and participate in developing international recommendations on BMHI education
  • to support BMHI courses and exchange of students and teachers within the EFMI countries
  • to promote and foster the accreditation process of BMHI programs in Europe based on AC2 Initiative
  • to assist the AC2 process of certification of knowledge and skills of users in BMHI
  • to investigate the possibility of establishing summer courses organised by the WG EDU